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Highco was incorporated July 6, 1976, working with individuals with disabilities in Highland County

We serve individuals for Day Habilitation and Vocational Habilitation services in-house with some paid work and meaningful activities. We serve Highland, Clinton, Adams, Brown, Fayette and Hocking Counties. We currently serve more than 118 individuals with diverse disabilities.

Highco Inc. purpose is to assist person with developmental disabilities to maximize their independence and human dignity, presence and participation in community life, status as community members and potential for growth and development. The program accepts the responsibility to provide the most age appropriate services that can also meet the persons need for supervision and training, with imposing unnecessary modification or denial of person rights.

We offer a variety of services to allow for individual needs as a transition from one program to another. 

Once eligible, services are available to you for an indefinite period based upon need and interest.

Our goal at Highco is to assist every individual to reach their potential through a variety of services. This can be achieved through Day Habilitation where we are busy with volunteer work, weekly outings, and a calendar full of various classes and activities or our job trainings, where we work with individuals to explore what is available and assist them in breaking any barriers they may have to gainful employment.

If you are ready to explore your possibilities, want additional information or just come in to take a tour, we will ACCOMMODATE you. Just use the contact us tab and let us know what you are interested in and we will respond quickly. If there is a service, you are in need of and we do not provide at this time, we will refer you to the proper agency who can assist you with your needs

What is After Hours

Participation in community activities and building community memberships

Supports with developing and maintaining meaningful social lives through activities and or experiences that offer opportunities for personal growth

Teaching problem solving skills and working on personal goals that are all important to you

Gaining Self Advocacy skills to become more and more independent, productive, and integrated within the community

Participating in recreation and leisure activities that are there to help assist with social relationships and even therapeutic at times.

Some of the things we have done:

  • Volunteering
  • Flea Markets
  • Running Concessions @ Youth Football
  • Hot Air Balloon Fesitval
  • Movies
  • Volunteering at Local Football Games
  • Festivals
  • Coney Island
  • Christmas Lights
  • WWE Wrestling
  • Zoo

Our Services

Vocational Habilitation

Vocational Habilitation is designed for individuals who primarily are in need of employment services in a more structured environment. This can be a time for individuals to work with a staff member to decide what the next step is for employment. It is during this time we would work with the individuals SSA to talk about how they are doing and what their path to employment looks like.
Vocational Habilitation is based on the needs of the individual and where they are on their path to employment. This is a time limited program as we work towards the ultimate goal of employment.
The outcomes and goals we work on come from the ISP as decided by the individual with work through their team.

Day Habilitation

Day Habilitation is designed for individuals with more significant disabilities who are in the least restrictive environment. This is a time for Highco DSP’s to work on personal skills that will assist them in improving their quality of life. These types of activities typically include educational outings, art, personal hygiene and daily classes. An individual has the right to choose what classes they would like to be involved in or if they want to participate in outings.
The outcomes and goals we work on come from the ISP as decided with the individual and the team.

Homemaker Personal Care

Homemaker Personal Care is designed for any individual who needs assistance in the home or accessing the community. Highco staff will assist with housekeeping, appointments, grocery shopping, events and anything else specified in the ISP from the SSA.
The outcomes and goals we work on come from the ISP.

Non-Medical Transportation

Non-Medical Transportation is designed for any individual who needs assistance getting to and from work. The team will work together to determine the best way to cover this through the waiver.

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Miranda Newton


Tracy - Brown - Staff

Tracy Brown

Administrative Director/HR/HPC


Bev Jeffries

Administrative Director/Financials

Amelia Zarate

Amelia Zarate

Programs Manager


Stephanie Garman

Program Coordinator

Kindrea Middleton

Kindrea Middleton

Program Coordinator

Tracey Smith

Tracey Smith

Billing Specialist

Bobbie Kellis

Bobbie Kellis

Vocational Habilitation Supervisor

Tammy Reed

Tammy Reed

Day Habilitation Supervisor

Chuck Woodyard

Chuck Woodyard

Operations Manager